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What is the Whitehat 30 Second VDI Challenge?

Too many customers accept slow, poor quality Citrix or VMware environments because they don't know IT CAN BE BETTER!
Every company should have a great Citrix or VMware experience, and that is why we offer the 30 Second VDI Challenge.


Fast Turnaround

We only need 8 hours to dive into your Citrix or VMware environment and successfully diagnosis the root of load time issues.



We produce major improvements. Many of our customers have experienced 85-90% faster log in times.


Accountable Partner

And if you're looking for a partner, we are accountable and support issues in a timely manner to reduce costs and help you remain competitive.

Give us 8 hours, we guarantee your VDI login times will be 30 seconds or faster, or our work is FREE.